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 We got round to the East…

 We got round to the East Side today to do the first seabird ringing of the season. Although it is still early days, it was worth going round to see the numbers to be expected and ring what w could. 

Most of the gulls are still on eggs, but there were a few chicks and some were big enough to ring. It was the same situation with Razorbills, the good news is that the storms that happened towards the end of may don’t seem to have hindered their season too badly.

It was mostly a chance for some seabird ringing practice to take place and give some volunteers some practice with bigger and more awkward rings, such as those that go on Razorbills.

Adult Razorbill

Adult Kittiwake

Razorbill chick

There are more Shag nests than there have been in previous years, the chicks are still too small to ring, but a few chicks were done today and two had darvics fitted. A darvic ringed Shag from a previous year was seen sitting on a rock too, not an adult yet though. 

Birds today: 27 Gannets, one Curlew, one Common Sandpiper, one Turnstone, four Collared Doves, one Cuckoo, two Spotted Flycatchers and five Lesser Redpolls


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