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We got off to a rather drizzly and…

We got off to a rather drizzly and misty morning today, but it was soon replaced by clear skies and sunshine with barely a breath of wind to be felt.

Curlews are still passing through, the large flock that appeared a couple of days ago appears to have moved off, but Curlews have been recorded in small numbers since then, and today was no exception, their call could be heard throughout most of the day from the Narrows up to the North End.

Other wader passage today included a Common Sandpiper on Henllwyn and two Dunlins on the South End. Our Ringed Plover pair is still on eggs and many of the Oystercatchers are now rearing chicks. Collared Doves are building in numbers once again at the farm, numbers reached an all-time high of 19, feeding in the farmyard as they have been for a couple of weeks now. 

Birds today: 15 Gannets, one Grey Heron, one Ringed Plover, two Dunlins, three Curlews, one Common Sandpiper, 19 Collared Doves, five Siskins, six Goldfinches and two Lesser Redpolls.


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