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Today started calm and cold and…

Today started calm and cold and only warming up when the sun had risen above the mountain. The mist nets were opened in the Observatory garden, given that there is very little migration occurring it was a surprise to catch a new female Blackcap, possibly a failed breeder heading back South early. The majority of the catch was attributed to juvenile birds with six Wrens and two Dunnocks

To make the most of the day Sam, Stuart and Ed headed around the East Side at 9am to continue ringing seabirds. The focus today was on Auks with 50 Razorbills and 15 Guillemots ringed. Another brood of Shags was also ringed and given darvics. Steve and our current guest visited the North End gull colony to focus on ringing the Herring Gull chicks.

Razorbill chick

Herring Gull chicks


Once the wind picked up in the afternoon, Stuart headed out to count the breeding Swallows in the outbuildings across the island. The lower down nests were checked for eggs with the majority having five. The highest number of pairs are at Ty Pellaf with at least five pairs in the yard. Two pairs of House Martin are currently present at the Lighthouse Compound. 

Birds today: 20 Gannets, one Grey Heron, nine Collared Doves, seven Lesser Redpolls


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