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Today got off to an early start…

Today got off to an early start with nets in the obs garden being opened first thing, but the ringing was fairly unproductive with just a handful of birds being caught. However, because the weather was nice, Sam and Ed were in front of the obs scanning the island with birds like Rosecoloured Starlings in mind, then at about 06:30 Sam panned his scope to the north and it landed on exactly that! A Rosecoloured Starling on one of Carreg’s chimneys.

Unfortunately, the bird disappeared very quickly and only Ed saw it, that was until the middle of the day when He and Sam were heading to the East Side to carry on with the Manx Shearwater census and it flew onto the fenceline in front of them just off the track, at which point everyone managed to get onto it.


p style=”text-align: center”>The Rose-coloured Starling that finally showed itself after disappearing for 5 hours

Whilst conducting the census high up on the East Side slopes there were good views of Risso’s Dolphins that were fully breaching the water. Quite an amazing site and being so far above them meant they could be seen just beneath the surface water which was different from the usual views. 

Risso’s Dolphin on the East Side, being photobombed by a Razorbill

Birds today: 20 Gannets, one Grey Heron, 11 Common Scoters, one Buzzard, one Dunlin, two Whimbrels, five Curlews, two Turnstones, three Collared Doves, one Rosecoloured Starling, one Siskin and six Lesser Redpolls.


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