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There were strong north-westerlies…

There were strong north-westerlies all day today, passerines were incredibly thin on the ground, but the weather made it atmospheric. There were several hail showers later in the afternoon which was quite a novelty. 

To give an impression of how quiet the day was, the only warblers recorded were two Whitethroats and one Willow Warbler. The highlight of the day came in the form of four Swifts that flew north over Nant very briefly. But even their presence struggled to make it feel like summer!
Turnstone numbers picked up today and Purple Sandpipers were recorded in respectable numbers on the Narrows. Whimbrels dropped slightly today, but that could easily have been due to the adverse weather conditions. One Ringed Plover was seen on Solfach which is in line with the last week or so.
Birds today: Seven Fulmars, 109 Manx Shearwaters, 12 Gannets, one Ringed Plover, nine Purple Sandpipers, 23 Whimbrels, 20 Turnstones, four Swifts, two Whitethroats and one Willow Warbler.


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