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The weather took a bit of a…

The weather took a bit of a downturn with the wind picking up to a 30mph northerly with rain mixed in. This meant that the withies and plantation areas of the island were even quieter than usual, with the breeding birds refraining from singing quite as much and keeping lower in the vegetation. 

Despite the less than adequate conditions, there were a couple of nice species recorded today, one was a Sandwich Tern that was seen feeding in Henllwyn at midday. The other was a couple of Lapwings that flew north over the South End, they were being mobbed by Oystercatchers, this seems to be standard procedure for anything large and slightly different that occurs on the island!

The Ringed Plovers are still on eggs and are checked daily to see if they hatch or get predated, so far it seems to be going smoothly with an adult always in attendance, as you would hope during incubation. The nest is quite high up and away from the regular tide line, so hopefully, the pair won’t run into any problems if they just manage to evade the gulls and corvids.

Birds today: one Grey Heron, two Lapwings, two Curlews, one Sandwich Tern, two Sedge Warblers, one Whitethroat and two Siskins.


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