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The Farne’s Are Open

Inner Farne, Northumberland – 9/10. 7. 21

After a period of closure for well over a year the National Trust has reopened the Farne Islands, well at least Inner Farne, and only for one hour. Having booked accommodation at the start of the year it was looking like I would have to cancel all my bookings as it was looking like no access for a second year, on the other hand with foreign travel all but restricted I thought I’d keep the booking, well its a weekend away !

I’m doing a little inter web surfing and I’m on the Billy Shield website and low and behold its says the National Trust are opening Inner Farne Islands all be it for a one hour slot the week before I’m due up in Seahouses,  no time time to delay I’m straight on the bookings page and book three slots…I’m on my way !

Landing on Inner Farne what’s very noticeable straight away is where are the Arctic Terns?…none..they have all failed to breed on the island reportedly preferring non accessible outer islands due to the hight of vegetation on Inner Farne, previously the NT wardens would cut down the vegetation before the terns arrive. 

The next “shocker” is you only have one hour on the island, it’s like a competition…”you got a one hour slot…get ready…go” ! Even more a bummer is you only get ten minuets to stay at the lighthouse rocks due to social distancing before your turfed off….but hey…we’er on the island which is completely unexpected.

Atlantic Puffin


Now quite late in the season the young puffins (Puffling) are beginning to venture out of burrows, very cautious but with a little patience you can get a view



Young guillemots like puffing are beginning to leave the breeding ledges on the islands, this one calling to the parent bird after it had dived startled by the boat


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