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The dense fog persisted throughout…

The dense fog persisted throughout the otherwise calm morning, only lifted finally at 3pm, meaning that for the first time in two days, the lighthouse was fully visible from the obs!

Raven in the fog

The obs staff were out the night before ringing Manx Shearwaters on the South End, it was very slightly drizzly and the dense fog meant that there were a lot of birds around. This meant Ed and Stuart became adept at fitting the specially shaped rings onto the flat tarsi of Manx Shearwaters.

The morning then started in earnest with a walk to Nant and as luck would have it, Sam and Ed walked straight into the two Rosecoloured Starlings from at least the day before, they were feeding in the elder tree in Ty Capel Withy and giving great views.

Manx Shearwater fieldwork took place in the mid and late afternoon and was broken up with a walk to cafn to put a cattle pen up on the boat with Gareth just as the fog began to lift.

After the fieldwork finished in the late afternoon, Sam and Ed were making their way back to the obs and once again flushed the Rosecoloured Starlings from the obs garden which was very fortunate as it meant the guests staying at the obs could watch them for roughly half an hour as they sat in the conifers.

Birds today: five Gannets, one Grey Heron, one Whimbrel, three Curlew, ten Turnstones, seven Collared Doves, one Greenfinch, five Lesser Redpolls.


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