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 The day started off…

 The day started off beautifully with glorious sunshine and a Redshank spotted on Solfach by Stuart on the morning census. Sam saw three Whitethroats at the Observatory and a Willow Warbler was heard signing at Nant.

Waving goodbye to the boat 

With census undertaken, a small group of intrepid explorers packed their day bags for an expedition to Ynys Gwylan Fawr. This is the furthest Sam and Stuart have been from Bardsey since arriving on the island in March. The group arrived at the island at 09.30 and began a full census of the seabird inhabitants including; Puffins, Herring Gulls, Great Black-Backed Gulls, Shags, Guillemots, Razorbills and surprisingly Cormorants which are normally found on the smaller of the two islands, Ynys Gwylan Bach.  

Darvicked Shag Chicks 

After the counts were done the team ringed Shag chicks both with metal rings and darvic (coloured rings to help identify them from afar) Cormorants were also ringed found in the Shag colony. After all accessible Shag chicks were ringed the group moved onto to ringing Great Black-Backed Gull chicks which were also darvicked.

Ringing a Cormorant chick 

Guillemot Chick

Although Guillemot eggs have not appeared to have hatched on Bardsey yet in great numbers the first chicks of the season were ringed on Ynys Gwylan Fawr  (18 in total). The day rounded off with ringing of Herring Gull chicks and four Puffins, one adult and three pufflings.


Birds today: 14 Gannets, one Grey Heron, one Whimbrel, three Curlews, one Redshank, two Turnstones, five Collared Doves, five House Martins, two Siskins, one Lesser Redpoll


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