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Thank You Chris!

Wednesday 8th September: Today we said goodbye to our summer volunteer Chris who has been working on the Isle of May since early June, helping in all aspects of the island as he explains…

“Hi there! I am Chris, a seabird enthusiast from Malta and 2021 volunteer on the Isle of May. I have been volunteering since June and today is my final day (sad times). It has been a great opportunity to get back into seabird work and it gave me the opportunity to see new management ways to increase and protect seabird populations. Volunteering on the Isle of May is a great opportunity to work with different entities and with people from different walks of life, from various research organisations to members of the public and the boatmen that bring the visitors onto the island.

During my time here, I was involved in many projects, from monitoring terns to ringing Fulmar chicks to looking out for Storm Petrels. This opportunity has also given me the chance to inspire people about the breeding seabirds on the island and the issues that these birds have to face. Being an avid birder and a wildlife photographer, living on the Isle of May has given me the chance to see some very spectacular species and sceneries. From watching Puffins during the golden hour to counting Sooty Shearwaters in a Gannet feeding frenzy with Minkie whales breaking the sea surface.

On the whole this was a very enjoyable experience, with very welcoming, helpful people. I highly recommend volunteering on the Isle of May”.

So we say goodbye to Chris, and thank him for all his enthusiasm, help, support and friendship during the last three months and we could not have achieved the things we have without him. We wish him well for the future and no doubt he won’t be a stranger to these shore., good luck and thank you Chris.  


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