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Storming to Success

Friday 23rd July comments: So the news is out and it’s great to have confirmed Storm Petrels breeding on the island, adding to our impressive array of seabirds which nest on this important national nature reserve.

After the discovery of the breeding birds, we’ll work together with the various island partners to try and establish how many breeding pairs we have. It’s no easy task as it has taken us two years to find the first, but through a mix of experience (learning the hard way?) ringing activities (thanks to Mark and Sam), late nights and some detective work, we hope to establish just how many we have. We certainly believe that the colony has several pairs and some figures suggest we could potentially have in the region of 15-30 pairs. Storm Petrels don’t fledge young until September so we still have plenty of time to try and establish the number of nesting pairs.

So it’s great news but the hard work starts here (or has already started). Storm Petrel will be added to our breeding assemblage and another reason why it’s important to protect our important seabird colonies and the surrounding seas.


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