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Review of “Harare to Mana Pools:” Peril, Danger, and more Peril

James Hendry and his wife Kirsten in Zimbabwe. No, this is not a stolen wallpaper from Jumanji.

The holiday season is coming to an end, and I know I’m not the only one thinking, “Thank God.” This much cheer and time off work are intolerable for those of us who crave excitement, and we require a shot of adrenaline to preserve our sanity.

I have just what you need.

James Hendry, long-time host of Wild SafariLIVE, just released a new video. It’s titled: “Harare to Mana Pools | Our Zimbabwe Adventure.”

The video details – shockingly – James and his family’s (okay, technically in-laws’) camping trip to Zimbabwe.

“Harare to Mana Pools” is a riveting tale of adventure, surprise, and danger that would frighten even Indiana Jones. It contains a vicious hunting scene at 7:15, James is ambushed by a savage beast at 9:42; and, most terrifying of all, he’s confronted by instant coffee at 3:43.

Like mana from Heaven, “Harare to Mana Pools” will sustain you during this dullest time of year. Be sure to watch it below.

Warning: Don’t watch this video in the dark.


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