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Thursday 13th May comments: Look whos back!? Yesterday proved to be another milestone in the Isle of May seabird calendar as not only did our Arctic terns arrive, but some touched land for the first time on the island. These incredible birds have been away for the winter as the entire population migrant to the Antarctic (yes the Antarctic) and return to the British Isles in April.

Due to the cold start to spring, our birds have been slightly later in returning but it’s great to see and hear them once again. At present only 100 individuals have been seen but more will follow over the next week or so. Birds have been heard in vocal displays above the island and having travelled 90,000km, they are preparing for another rollercoaster of a breeding season on the Isle of May.

In the meantime we have started preparing their nesting areas including the tern terraces on the island as we look forward to the exciting moment when they settle properly and start laying eggs. Then the real fun begins and hats will need to be worn. Welcome back head-peckers!


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