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Ready to Open

Sunday 25th April comments: Well the dust has been cleaned, the windows washed, the pathways checked, the jetties scrubbed, the interruption cleaned and the uniform washed; it’s now time we opened our doors.

Tomorrow we finally open the Isle of May to all licenced boats as we welcome back visitors for a new season. For the foreseeable future we’ll have restricted visitor numbers to ensure social distancing is followed on the boats but gradually this (hopefully) will change. We certainly look forward to seeing you and sharing this magical place with you.

Over the last few weeks the reserve staff have been sorting the Isle of May and after a delayed start (due to cold weather) the seabirds have returned in good numbers. It is now full steam ahead as we’ll welcome boats from both Lothian and Fife. For further details on costs and times, please see the links below. And remember once you pay your boat fare, its free of charge to enter the island. We (the staff and the seabirds) look forward to seeing you.

May Princess (sails from Anstruther): https://www.isleofmayferry.com/

Ospreyrib (sails from Anstruther): https://www.isleofmayboattrips.co.uk/index.php

Seabird Rib (sails from North Berwick): https://seabird-centre.seafari-edinburgh.co.uk/forth-ferry-and-isle-of-may

Bluewild (sails from Dunbar): https://www.bluewild.co.uk/isle-of-may-landing-tour/


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