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Puffins on Eggs!

Pair of puffins enjoying the early morning sun
Isle of May puffins
Puffins on the island

Thursday 22nd April comments: Today we can bring you the exciting news that Puffins are now on eggs! We suspect birds have been incubating eggs for a week or so but it is now confirmed (we’ll know more about the first egg laying date once we discover the first feeding puffins but more on that later).

Since the weather improved last weekend, Puffins have returned and become more settled across the Island and egg laying has now commenced. Over the next few weeks the vast majority of birds will be incubating underground and each parent will take their turn in this important duty. Overall Puffins will sit for 40 days and the first chicks will hatch from late May and then the fun really begins (lots of hungry chicks to feed). 

Its wonderful news for the puffins as we are on the verge of opening to the public (we open from next Monday 26th April) so it’s even more of a reason to come and visit. The Isle of May seabird breeding season is cranking up but we still have plenty more to come and some of our birds have not even arrived yet.


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