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Puffins galore

Tuesday 22nd June comments: For anyone visiting the isle of may (or any other Puffin colonies) then this is the time to see these wonderful little birds. Puffins started nesting (slightly later this year) but the majoroity were on eggs by the end of April.

Puffins lay a single egg in an underground burrow and will incubate for forty days. The first chicks started hatching from 26th May and gradually more and more youngsters hatched (known as pufflings). Now we are entering late June, the vast majority of chicks have hatched and the adults have one thing on their mind; food!

Puffins will start moving from 03:30 in the morning in the hunt for prey, often Sand-eels but also other fish such as sprats and will return to feed their chicks. Both adults will bring in food and it will continue throughout the day as the youngster puts on valuable pounds. Chicks will start fledging after forty days but until then are completely dependent on their parents. Although still early days, it appears their are good supplies of food coming in (which is good news).

So if you visit, you will see a lot of action as adults come backwards and forwards bringing in important daily supplies. It’s a great time to visit a Puffin colony, so make sure you don’t miss out!


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