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Puffin Dispute

Puffin dispute fight

Thursday 29th April comments: Its all bliss on the Isle of May as the seabird breeding season continues, the staff and researchers are back for another summer and we are open to visitors for the year. So all good? Well maybe not…

Puffins are not the cute and cuddly birds they may look (ask anyone who has worked with them before) and disputes do occur between rivals and neighbours but in recent days a fight ensued on the islands loch between two individuals which battled hard for several minutes. The dual was rather epic and looked full-on for both individuals as they were locked in battle for some reason. We are glad to report that it ended well with both birds swimming off but both looked tired from their ordeal.

It just shows the nature of a seabird colony and its fascinating to watch as the colonies progress and behaviour changes. Soon the majority of birds will be incubating whilst the first Shag chicks have actually hatched. Time moves on quickly.


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