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Inspiring the Younger Generation

‘I am passionate about nature. Do you have tips to be more knowledgeable about nature?’

‘If you could go to a biodiversity hotspot – which one?’

‘How can I volunteer/protest as a kid?’

‘What is your advice to people who still don’t know what their passion is?’

‘What does success mean to you?’

#WorldEarthDay was very special to me this year for many reasons. Firstly, by just seeing so much positive energy shared globally for our beautiful planet. Secondly, for finding out that I am somehow inspiring the younger generation across the globe to care about nature. I recently found out that a small class of 9–10-year-olds at a school in Japan have been learning about biodiversity and my journey in conservation for two days. The questions above are a small selection of 45+ questions which they all pitched to me after being inspired by their teacher and little fragments of my journey. To honestly think that children not yet teenagers are asking such important questions and actively engaging with the importance of our natural world is truly hopeful. It gives me and hopefully all of us hope that one day these young conservation superheroes will be the people to help look after our planet, and pick up from where we left it and the many generations before us.

Questions pitched to me by the young students

I do not think I have ever had a happier moment than this. I was asked by one particular young student what success meant to me, and to be honest I would say that success for me personally is exactly this: doing something you love, inspiring the next generation, and somewhat making a positive difference.

Sometimes we are flooded by negative energy and the media often shares all of the bad stuff. However, there are many good things happening around the world too, sometimes in the broad daylight or right under our noses. Each and everyone of us has a set of blank pages in this book of life. We all have important roles to play, important stories to tell, and each and every one of our journeys is important. The truth is that the younger generation is watching and listening to us very carefully. They’re looking up to us as role models and will be striving to add their set of pages to this book of life too.

The imaginations captured by these young souls and their enthusiasm to learn about our natural world, the environment, and our whole planet provides us with a hopeful future!
Let’s ensure that this book never ends, so, each individual from younger generations and the next can continue enjoying, appreciating, experiencing and loving our beautiful natural world. Because life itself is the Earth’s greatest story ever told, and there is no Earth without life. Let’s protect it!!!


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