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Thursday 10th June comments: Seabirds like many birds can respond well to active conservation management and over the last six years we’ve been doing our bit for the nesting terns on the island.

In one area of the island we’ve been transforming areas of nettle and rank vegetation into specialist ‘tern terraces’ to help encourage and increase the number of nesting terns. The idea is simplistic enough as we have large beds of gravel and sand complete with specialist Tern boxes. Throw in lots of hard work from lots of people especially our long-term volunteers over the years and we have ourselves some luxury specialist tern nesting habitat (prime real estate!)

The success is in the end result and since the creation of these terraces we’ve welcomed back more Arctic Terns, an increasing number of Common Terns, Sandwich terns have nested in four of the last six years and even a Roseate Tern nested for the first time in two decades. As with anything, it has had its up and downs, as some of the ideas we’ve tried have not worked, but it’s the trying which counts; trying to make a difference to seabirds which are already facing an uncertain future with bigger wider issues such as climate change. We’ll continue to do our bit and try hard to make a difference and sometimes, it pays off.


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