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Hello again to the blog readers,…

Hello again to the blog readers, it is with great pleasure that Megan has returned to the Observatory and is picking up where she left off, helping with the daily census, welcoming guests and was very excited to see the first Manx Shearwater eggs of the season in the burrows with an endoscope.

Another breezy day today with a temperate wind buffering the Island from the South. The assistant warden team banded together this afternoon after the morning Census for a big explore of the Island and saw a lovely few Spotted Flycatchers at the plantation at Nant. 

Spotted Flycatcher at Nant Plantation

As we ambled back along the west coast path towards the lighthouse we also saw 24 Purple Sandpipers. The team also spent some time at the South End Hide and enjoyed a lively display from some Manx Shearwaters doing what they do best, there was nothing else of great note in the bird department, however.

Purple Sandpipers on the West Coast

Birds today: 24 Purple Sandpipers, 28 Whimbrels, two Curlews, one Common Sandpiper, 11 Turnstones, four Puffins, one Swift, 23 Swallows, two House Martins, five Sedge Warblers, three Whitethroats, one Blackcap, one Chiffchaff, 5 Willow Warblers, three Spotted Flycatchers, five Goldfinches


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