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Grounded: A project to better understand our world soils

For this #WorldSoilDay, I have the pleasure to contribute to this #Grounded project by Earth Minutes. The video has been made in association with the British Society of Soil Science, which at a policy level, supports the Global Soil Partnership which is led by the United Nations and will be leading the call for collective change at the World Congress of Soil Science 2022.

#Grounded Official Video

We’ve all been surrounded by soils our whole lives. It provides the trees with valuable nutrients to give us oxygen to breathe, it grows our crops so that we can eat food, it’s the foundation to the many places we call home or go to work. These are only a few of its amazing properties and environmental services. Overall soil is vital not only to us but towards supporting biodiversity and in the fight against climate change. I’m no expert in it, but I do know of its importance and we must all learn to understand it and protect it. Please join the British Society of Soil Science, Emma Askew and her Earth Minutes team, Riverford Organic Farmers, Lizzie Daly, Cranfield University, and I as we explore the importance of soils and share it with you.

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