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 From yesterday’s grey ol’…

 From yesterday’s grey ol’ day to a tropical one, and with more birds around too!

Early morning from the obs…

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Highlight of the day was without doubt the discovery of the island’s third record of Vagrant Emperor dragonfly in the back garden of Cristin. (click the species name for more info)

Vagrant Emperor

Around the coast 51 Gannets were counted, with 19 Shags and two Cormorants

Gannet – cheating a bit here; this is one taken at RSPB Bempton in July!

Two Herons were in Henllwyn and 23 Mallards were in Solfach. A single Common Scoter flew past the North End.

Two Sparrowhawks roamed the island and ten Buzzards crossed the sound briefly before heading back to the mainland. A single Kestrel and Merlin were seen too.

Two Golden Plovers were recorded, one circled the Lowlands in the morning and another flew south in the evening. Two Snipes were seen, one at Nant and one on the mountain. The first Woodcock of the autumn was seen at Cristin. 39 Curlews were here on the Narrows, as were seven Redshanks and 61 Turnstones.


Running Turnstone

Two Woodpigeons were seen and three Collared Doves. Five Great Spotted Woodpeckers were seen around the island.

The morning Began with the distant calls of Skylarks, and continued until mid-afternoon. Small numbers were heard calling very high above the island, but very few could be seen. When one to two birds were heard, there were a couple of occasions that the flocks were found and they were both in excess of 20 birds! The actual number of Skylarks passing over was unknown, but a minimum of 145 were counted. About 50 of these were ‘single’ birds calling overhead, but were probably small flocks!

Four Grey Wagtails were seen flying over, and 17 alba Wagtails were seen. There appeared to be more Robins around, with 28 counted.


There were 17 Stonechat scatted around, and a single Wheatear on the South End. There were 12 Blackbirds, a single Song Thrush and 39 Redwings.

Warblers were made up of three Blackcaps, 16 Chiffchaffs, a single Willow Warbler and 19 Goldcrests.

There were 24 Magpies on Solfach, 167 Jackdaws flew over, along with 34 Rooks, a single Hooded Crow and 26 Carrion Crows.

On the finch front there were eight Chaffinches, five Goldfinches, seven Linnets and seven Lesser Redpolls.

Two more Reed Buntings flew over the lowlands in the morning. 

The moon rising over Pen Cristin early evening 


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