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Tuesday 27th April comments: We’ve turned the corner as the seabird breeding season has advanced rapidly in a matter of days as we have had the great news that both the cliff nesting Auks are now on eggs. Both Razorbills and Guillemots have laid which is another step forward in the seabird breeding season calendar.

Both species nest in good numbers on the Isle of May (4,124 pairs of Razorbill nest and 16,865 pairs of Guillemots nest) and these eggs are the first of many which will be found over the next week or so. Both species have a similar breeding strategy as they lay just a single egg, and incubate on their feet (like penguins) rather than building a nest. Razorbills incubate for between 29-32 days and Guillemots from 28-35 days so hopefully we’ll have our first young hatching at the end of May.

It’s certainly an exciting time on the island but we are far from complete as several species have not even started nest building yet such as the Kittiwakes and Fulmars whilst others are not even back yet (the terns), so we still have some way to go. Bring it on!


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