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Cuckoo Time Again !

East Yorkshire – 11. 5. 21

Another post I’m catching up on !
The adult Cuckoo is only present in the UK for a few short weeks doing what it needs to do and by the end July it will be well on it’s long migration back to Africa leaving it’s offspring in the care of surrogate parents, how the young Cuckoo’s find it’s way to it’s winter destination in Africa is just amazing.
This is the second year having a couple of sessions in Mark Hughes hide in Yorkshire hopefully the action fast and furious just like the film ! It’s a 4.0am start to be in the hide around 6.0am, as soon as we arrive the males can be heard calling and no sooner than we are set and ready to go…boom its all action.
More words to follow !

Cuckoo – male

Cuckoo – female


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