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Counting season

Sunday 6th June comments: The summer months are always a busy time for seabird colonies and anyone associated with them and we are no different on the Isle of May. Like many other sites, we’ve started the process of counting our nesting seabirds on the cliffs as we look closely at what is going on and the numbers involved.

Since early June the team have been counting the cliff nesting species with all Guillemots, Razorbills, Fulmars, Shags and Kittiwakes logged. The mammoth task takes time, patience and skill as we go about the job of counting nesting seabirds on the cliffs of the Isle of May. Although seabird populations can show fluctuations from year-to-year, it is the long-term trends which are more interesting as we can see what is really happening with our seabirds (we’ll be blogging later in the summer with the results).

However until then we’ll get on with counting and then crunch the numbers to see what we have. We’ve also got the Tern populations to count (hats needed for that job) and some news on a very different way of counting our large Gull populations but more on that later. We’ve still got some long hours to do and more counting to complete. The team are working hard and its all go on the island.


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