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Compared to yesterday, today was a…

Compared to yesterday, today was a stark contrast weather-wise with bright skies and sunshine all day. It was an ideal day for visiting the East Side and carrying out some Chough monitoring and seabird ringing. A further 80 Razorbills were ringed including adults and pulli, as well as a handful of Guillemots

Razorbill with sand eels 
Fulmar soaring along the cliffs
The Choughs on the East Side have been a mixed bag, most of the pairs failed to fledge any chicks this year, but five chicks have fledged between the two successful sites. Interestingly a flock of 18 Choughs was flying high over the mountain throughout the afternoon, only adults were seen amongst them.
Birds today: one Grey Heron, four Curlews, five Collared Doves, five Sedge Warblers and three Lesser Redpolls.


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