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Thursday 17th June comments: Five days is along time on a seabird colony and since our last update a lot has happened. On the island top we’ve seen huge numbers of Puffins chicks hatching, whilst the number of Guillemot and Razorbill chicks hatching has peaked.

It’s also all go elsewhere as our first Kittiwake chicks have hatched in cliff nests whilst the first Arctic tern chicks have hatched. Its now become a busy place as parents of all species are hurriedly heading out to sea, finding prey (mainly sand-eels) and returning to feed hungry youngsters. This process is going on from 4am until dusk (at this time of year can be about 11pm). So the seabird colony of the Isle of May is at full tilt. The next 4-6 weeks is now crucial for our seabirds and we hope food supply and the weather maintains itself as we are hopefully heading for a good breeding season (fingers crossed).

However still plenty of hard work to be done behind the scenes, as tomorrow we count the nesting terns and yes, I will be wearing a hat! Let the fun begin…


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