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Chick Chick Hooray!

Wednesday 2nd June comments: Seabird season advance so quickly with news changing all the time and now we have all three Auks with chicks, as Razorbill joined Guillemot and Puffin to have youngsters. It’s now all go for these birds and over the next few weeks more and more youngsters will hatch and the island will be at full tilt with birds galore bringing back food.

It’s certainly been a cold spell of weather of recent (yes cold – we‘ve had cold harr shrouding the island and we’ve not enjoyed the delighted of the glorious sunshine you’ve all had on the mainland). Despite this, the seabirds are getting on with business and now we await a few other species to hatch but it won’t happen for a few weeks (Arctic and Common Terns, Kittiwakes and Fulmars to name but a few).

Seabird seasons are certainly over in the blink of an eye but the next big job is to count the cliff nesting seabirds, which is about to happen. It’s a big job counting the nesting species but we are about to start so watch this space as the workload increases.


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