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Bring a hat…

Friday 4th June Comments: If you are visiting the Isle of May over the next few weeks we have some good advice for you; wear a hat. Our nesting Arctic Terns are now well established with nests beside the pathways near the jetty and in two cases, nesting ON the pathway (never work with wildlife…)

As a form of defence, the terns will peck anything and everything and the taller you are, the bigger the challenge for them. These magnificent birds are just protecting their vulnerable nests and there are even photos on the web of an Arctic Tern pecking a Polar bear’s head in the high Arctic, so they are courageous little birds.

So please bring a hat but also at the same time watch your feet – these valuable nests need protecting and we don’t want any accidents. So hats on, eyes down, its Arctic Tern breeding season on the Isle of May. You’ve been warned.


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