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And we’re off!

Sunday 14th November comments: End of a season on the Isle of May. As darker nights arrive, temperatures drop and Christmas approaches it was time for one final change on the Isle of May; the island staff have departed. We’ve cleaned, packed, lock-down and now departed the Island for the winter months.

The island has been home to the NatureScot staff since mid-March and as like any year, we’ve had our highs and lows (I’m glad to say we have very few low points). It’s been a fabulous summer in difficult times and we’ve done all and everything to make sure the Isle of May National Nature Reserve remains a special place to live, work and visit.

Despite the restrictions we’ve welcomed thousands of visitors, carried out lots of island related tasks, helped assist various research bodies and in general, you name it we’ve done it! We’d like to thank everyone who played their part in making the place the success it is from the various NatureScot staff, to the researches, the Bird Observatory, the fantastic volunteers, the boatmen, the visitors and to my assistant manager Bex who helps makes this place tick. Thank you to all and we look forward to 2022!

However it’s not over yet. We’ll keep you in touch with the place as we’ll be visiting the island during the winter and we have more stories to tell over the forthcoming weeks. So thank you for reading but stay tuned, we’ve got plenty more….


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