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Albert’s Back !

RSPB Bempton Cliffs – 5.7.21

So I get a text message…”the Black-browed Albatross is back”…I’m up at Malham photographing the Peregrines that had recently fledged, I’m never in the right location.

It was around this time last year that a Black-brown Albatross was see on the cliffs around 4.30pm at Bempton, I was sat in the carpark having a last bite to eat before setting off for home, as the phone signal is intermittent at Bempton it was only when I got home that I’d found out I had missed out seeing this rare ocean wanderer from the southern hemisphere. Rewind twelve months on and the BBA is back again at Bempton but only staying for a day and again seen over the last few days.

Should I or should I ?….well I did ! 

It’s a 1.0am early start as the last time I visited I was turned away as the carpark was full at 9.0am. Arriving in the carpark at 3.30am there are already a few cars but its still dark so I grab a couple of hours sleep before I venture down to the cliffs. It’s 6.45am and there’s already a crowed both birders and togs on the look out along the grass cliff occupied by part of the Gannet colony but thats all long range stuff heading down to Staple Newk managing one of the last spots platform, now the wait

The call goes out…”Albatross” it’s picked up coming from the direction of Flamborough, closer and closer it’s glides up and down the cliff looking to land only to be sent packing back the aggressive Gannets. And thats the action over the next hour and intermittently for the rest of the morning until it departs north towards Filey.

Happy with the images after a couple of dips (missed opportunities) but I can feel another trip on the cards in a few weeks !

Black-browed Albatross


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