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After a clear night with shooting…

After a clear night with shooting stars and views of the Milky Way and Jupiter the sun rose into a wonderful blue sky. This mornings moths were somewhat disappointing after yesterday’s haul – only 10 moths!

It was unfortunately time to say goodbye to Megan’s mum who stayed for six days and enjoyed amazing weather and got to meet a few Manx Shearwater chicks. Whilst at the Narrows, there were six Little Egrets and a Lapwing.

In the afternoon, Sam and Stuart went around the East Side to check on the remaining Guillemots and Razorbills. They managed to ring 30 Guillemots including two new adults and two retraps. 

Birds today: six Little Egrets, one Grey Heron, one Lapwing, one Whimbrel, four Curlews, one Redshank, one Common Sandpiper, four Black-headed Gulls


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